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Our History

The Mountain View Church of Christ has a rich past, a graceful present and a promising future. What is currently the Mountain View Church of Christ was once known as the Easter View Church of Christ in the early 1960's. Ministers John Iverson, Verlison Wesley, and others, ministered to the congregation during the Easter View season of its history. Evangelist Willie R. Beal worked with the congregation as it moved from Easter View to Overton Road toward the end of the 1980's. Ministers Melvin L. Chappell and Willie R. Beal labored with the congregation, ordaining elders and deacons along the way. Some of the men who served as elders while at Overton Road were Paul Brown (presently serving), George Sanders, Herman Lacy, George Davis (presently serving) and Lewis Fleming (presently serving).

Later, Overton Road became the Mountain View Church of Christ when the congregation relocated to its present location. In 1990, the Lord led G.P. Holt to the Mountain View Church, being commissioned by Chappel to work with the congregation. G.P. Holt, a brotherhood icon and pioneer, worked with Chappell and Beal for approximately 11 years. Prior to Holt's death, he left the Mountain View Church to work with the late Reginald B. Dulin at what is now known as the Central Pointe' Church of Christ.

Willie R. Beal continued to work with Melvin L. Chappell up until Chappell's demise in 1999. Subsequent to the passing of Melvin L. Chappell, Jamell K. Hamilton was installed as the ministering evangelist in March of 2000. Beal continued his work at Mountain View up until his death in 2008. In addition to those who previously served as leaders at the Mountain View congregation, more than 12 men have been ordained to the leadership of elders and deacons since 2000. The Mountain View congregation currently functions with multiple ministries designed to serve both church and community. The majority of these ministries were established by the late Melvin L. Chappell. The Mountain View Church will forever remember Melvin L. Chappell, Willie R. Beal and G.P. Holt for the great contributions they made to what is now the Mountain View Church of Christ. The Mountain View Church continues to progress in the training and cultivation of leaders, ministers, elders and deacons for the work of the ministry, edifying of the body and the furtherance of the Gospel of Christ.

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